At the center of our mindset

Our commitment to sustainable development is far from an abstract concept but rather it is how we actually work and evolve constantly.

We strive to play an active role in the growth of our society, and we achieve this by sustaining cultural, sports, scientific and creative projects in which we share the same values, ideas and essence.

Here at SEA Vision we believe that a business is a complex entity and a central subject in the organization of the economic and social life of its surrounding territory; it is a major node of so many people’s interests, from employees to local authorities, suppliers and universities as well as all the deriving business created around it. As it is such an important place in the community, we believe it is important for it to reflect the lives and needs of the people.

Our sustainable worlds

We promote innovation, both in terms of technological progress and human growth, founded on social progress and on exchanged ideas and knowledge. This is why we keep constant and vigorous relations with our city. We create job opportunities and promote cultural, sports and well-being initiatives.


United for the prevention

SEA Vision chose to become the leading partner of the breast cancer prevention initiative organized by WelfareCare and the municipality of Pavia. This joint project allows every woman residing in Pavia, but who does not qualify for the NHS screening program, to benefit from a full day of diagnostic tests, free of charge. These services are conducted in a mobile clinic equipped with ambulatory spaces and the latest technological equipment.


To challenge the impossible

We believe in team spirit and, with the world of sport, we share its values of performance, alliance and perseverance. This is why we have decided to sustain Alessandro Carvani Minetti and Luisa Pasini in their sports careers. They embody the pillars of the same passion that drives every sport: energy, putting oneself to the test and challenging one’s limits, striving for continuous improvement.

Alessandro Carvani Minetti

My non-limit

Alessandro Carvani Minetti, from Pavia, with excellent results in triathlon and duathlon races at an international level, is a perfect example of that drive to go beyond what is considered possible, of that vision that makes impossible goals possible thanks to commitment, competence and culture of challenge. Thanks to his incredible determination and passion for sport, he has overcome what he himself calls his “beatable-limit”: Alessandro does indeed currently hold the Hour Record of para-cycling in the C3 category.

pasini handbike
Luisa Pasini

The sport for dreaming

Luisa Pasini, an athlete from Pavia, who competes in handbike racing is not “turbo” just when she is competing but she is “turbo” in everything she does. Sport is how she challenges herself and what she calls the “best form of therapy”. The excellent competitive results she has achieved make her a fighter: Already winner of various pink shirts plus 5 Italian titles, she dreams of becoming the first WH1 athlete to promote a sporting dream capable of overcoming every single obstacle.

Culture, society and territory

To share ideas and create relationships

We communicate with the territory and sustain the cultural initiatives that form bonds with art, science, and technology. This culture allows for the open exchange of dialogue within our city.


Paintings of large and small dimensions, sculptures and drawings contaminate the exhibition spaces. For Visions 23, on display the artworks of: Elena Hamerski, Greta Pllana, Riccardo Garolla, Luca Zurzolo and Giacomo Cossio reflecting on the human-nature theme. The human artistic journey, as well as the scientific and philosophical, reflects since the origins of the civilization the relationship we have with nature.


Ideas Worth Spreading

Since the first TEDxPavia event, we share the intellectual approach aiming at open and shared thinking – a work method that we implement every day and that is fundamental for our growth. TEDxPavia is a member of the worldwide Think Tank “TED Conferences – ideas worth spreading,” which aims to organize symposiums regarding topics that span from science to global and cultural themes – capable of stimulating reflections to open the mind to inspire and share ideas and values.


The project “Città ad impatto positivo”

SEA Vision Group supports Città ad impatto positivo”, an initiative conceived by PMG Italia Società Benefit, designed to promote education, environmental requalification, and inclusion projects, with the aim of developing a positive socio-environmental impact in Italian cities.


Contemporary art in the company

Visions is a project dedicated to the contemporary arts, organized by SEA Vision with the care and collaboration of Isorropia Home gallery. An artistic journey developed within the new headquarters. It aims to explore the interconnection between Art and Company, enriching the workplace to make it more dynamic, creative, and connected. The beauty, the aesthetic reasoning and the stimulus at the base of the artistic research can indeed entice innovation and create new, strategic visions. This atmosphere helps provide the environment for more innovative products and to strengthen our competitiveness.


We support the new art exhibition in VR at the Kosmos Museum in Pavia

SEA Vision is the official partner of the exhibition You are Darwin, from October 2nd, 2022 at the Kosmos Natural History Museum in Pavia, in collaboration with WAY. It is a physical and virtual journey made of technology and emotions, to re-live the most iconic steps of Charles Darwin’s itinerary around the world.  Along the way, visitors – through a VR (Virtual Reality) headset – will experience the thrill of an immersive experience, traveling through time. The goal is to give value to a narrative and attractive scientific storytelling, not only for schools but also for the whole territory: a value in which we have always believed in.


When art and science meet

In 2019 we were the main sponsors for the “Leonardo’s vision at Pavia” exhibition, an integral part of a more comprehensive project titled “Looking for Mona Lisa.” With Way Experience, creator of the initiative, fulfilled an immersive path thanks to virtual reality visors set in the Pavia of the renaissance period, following the steps of the genius Leonardo da Vinci.

leonardo da vinci

Our support to Italian Accenture Foundation and Progetto Itaca

SEA Vision takes part to the initiative ”JOB Stations” promoted by the Italian Accenture Foundation and Progetto Itaca, which has the main goal to help people dealing with mental illnessto get a job, thus promoting the culture of work inclusion for rehabilitation purposes.  An important project allowing the company to collaborate with a local Social Cooperative “La Casa del Giovane” (literally The Youth’s House), allowing people to better express their skills and assert their talent by overcoming the difficulties often linked to the expression of their potential. 

job stations project