A team of innovators

We are young people bursting with ideas, sharing a passion for technology and informatics. We are driven by the will to create new solutions every day, which pharmaceutical companies may use to produce increasingly more safe medicines.

How do we do this? By enthusiastically embracing each challenge through thinking outside the box.

Over 205 at the Pavia headquarters
Age range averages at 32
71% of personnel graduated in a tech degree

The people at the centre of SEA Vision

Here at SEA Vision, our people are our most essential resource. Each day, people with their original ideas contribute to the company’s growth and development. Young and optimistic people that we always encourage to go “beyond”: beyond their expectations, knowledge, and capabilities – for continuous professional growth.

To be part of our team means being actively involved in a young, international and stimulating work environment that is also truly engaging.

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A pool of young experts

We are a heterogeneous group, all averagely in our 30s – mostly young people specializing in scientific fields and technologies.

About half of us have an engineering degree (biomedical, electronic computer science) in addition to other specializations such as languages, Humanitarian and Economic sciences.

Are you a student who wants to get in touch with us?


Growing together

Our strengths come from knowing how to build a working team and bring energy into it: this makes us a united group with the same passions and ambitions for growth. If you too are looking for a career opportunity, take a look at our “Careers” page where you can find current job vacancies and send us your resumé. We look forward to meeting you!


To become international

Today, SEA Vision is a multinational corporation with branches in 8 countries worldwide to be closer to our customers.

We work for the most well-known global pharmaceutical and packaging industries.

Our multinational and multilingual teams work alongside global customers daily, dynamically exchanging viewpoints and ideas.

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The importance of formation

We firmly believe that developing individual skills is the key to our employees’ growth. A theoretical and practical formation path is set for each one of them. Organized training courses, at our Italian headquarters, are indeed ensured for every single person working for the Group.