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Our products portfolio is organized into three business units: machine vision solutions, serialization, and Pharma 4.0 software.

The main business unit in which SEA Vision operates is focused on vision inspection systems for quality controls of drugs and their packaging.

The second business unit is serialization: the Track & Trace solution manages all the levels required by anticounterfeiting regulations, thus covering the entire serialization process.

The third business unit has been conceived to drive pharmaceutical companies to enter the industry 4.0 world. This innovative and scalable solution includes many functionalities designed to yield an advanced understanding of processes and data insights, supporting the decision-making processes. 

Vision inspection systems

Vision systems allow you to accurately inspect 100% of pharmaceutical products directly on the production line and in real-time.

Our solutions use proprietary algorithms and technologies entirely developed in-house, and all the hardware parts (industrial PCs, cameras, light units, mechanical support, and others) are designed to perfectly adapt to the machine’s setup, guaranteeing the most stable inspection at production lines full speed.

Vision inspection systems for product and packaging integrity control

SEA Vision systems guarantee full compliance to the pharmaceutical industry standards, performing inspection both during primary and secondary packaging phases.

A wide range of automatic and semi-automatic stand-alone workstations, as well as hardware and software kits for special controls, are also available in our portfolio.

4.0 Pharma Software Suite

The fourth industrial revolution, also known as “Industry 4.0”, is the complete digitalization of the traditional industrial manufacturing processes through “smart” technologies.

Yudoo is the 4.0 software suite designed to digitally transform the pharmaceutical world, allowing effective management of production machines and devices, thus guaranteeing a reliable centralization of processes and data.

With the powerful tool for historical and real-time production analysis, yudoo gathers relevant information and transforms them into insights to support business decision-making processes.

Yudoo: a complete software solution

Yudoo comes from a consolidated and long experience in automation and software integration management for the pharmaceutical industry. The suite allows for integration with existing systems (such as ERP or MES and others) to manage production processes and T&t from a centralized platform, collecting and transforming data into information.

Through cutting-edge algorithms of analysis and powerful Business Intelligence functionalities, yudoo is capable to reveal preventive and predictive insights giving an answer to any question that might arise.

Track and Trace

Traceability and serialization regulations have had and still play a fundamental role in a growing number of countries. Today, SEA Vision counts several installations worldwide covering a wide array of machines.

The company offers all the solutions that pharmaceutical industries need, in order to comply with all the guidelines against medicine counterfeiting.

Serialization and aggregation systems, level 0-4 and reworking

The SEA Vision solution allows you to manage all the serialization and aggregation processes securely, generating unique serial numbers or acquiring them from existing external sources (ERP, MES, Database, and other platforms), and transferring them to line systems. The complete solution covers every level from 0 to 4, from the devices installed on the machines right up to the company.
In addition to software packages, it also offers complete solutions with different degrees of automation as workstations for printing, control and packaging with an integrated vision system.

The offer comprises solutions for warehouse reworking operations and a Brand Protection solution for the cosmetic sector.

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Product development philosophy

Innovation, customization, and integration are our answers to customer’s needs.

Our product development philosophy combines traditional software know-how with the experimentation of the latest emerging technologies.

The scalability and modularity of our solutions, together with Artificial Intelligence algorithms and machine learning technologies allow our customers to face legislative compliance while at the same time grabbing all the advantages of the latest trends in computer vision.

All the solutions that we provide are centered on the real pharmaceutical industry needs to always assure the best features for inspection, anti-counterfeiting, and process management purposes.