Alongside pharmaceutical companies for 25 years

It all began in 1995 when our goal was to create innovative software capable of developing the visual control of pharmaceuticals.

This goal has inspired us over the years to continue experimenting and to strive for excellence in everything we do. We are now a multinational corporation with several branches worldwide. We employ over 330 people who share the mutual objective of finding new and genius solutions while challenging conventional issues.


The first colour system

Harlequin was the first-ever system in the world designed to inspect blister-packed tablets, quickly gaining worldwide success.

Luigi Carrioli, president of Sea Vision proudly states that “Harlequin has become synonymous with colour vision systems and still is to this very day”, adding that “this is what Harlequin represents, not just a simple predecessor but a true precursor”.

Launching the OCV system

OCV’s initial success began in the innovative software that immediately distinguishes itself for the quality and flexibility regarding code and character inspection. Although it has evolved considerably over the years and integrated different kinds of control functions, the system is still, to this day, part of the company portfolio.

The new headquarters in Pavia

The business continues to expand, with staff figures leaping from 4 to over 20 in just a few years. Investments in product R&D are followed by the decision to move to new premises capable of accommodating the growing number of employees. The company thus moves its headquarters to Via Folla di Sopra, in Pavia.

RC Electronica and SEA Vision France are founded

The first operations aimed at commercial expansion in Europe begin. In 2006, Sea Vision acquires RC Electronica in Spain and it founds SEA Vision France in 2007. These two new branches offer local personnel and strengthen customer fidelity, simultaneously widening the foundations for the company’s growth.

Upgrading the Software

Regulators for the traceability of medicines become effective, with the objective to combat counterfeiting. SEA Vision upgrades the control capabilities of the software, adapting it to new needs, and installs over 70 systems for French Coding in 2009 alone.

The first serialization system

The first operations aimed at commercial expansion in Europe begin. In 2006, Sea Vision acquires RC Electronica in Spain and it founds SEA Vision France in 2007. These two new branches offer local personnel and strengthen customer fidelity, simultaneously widening the foundations for the company’s growth.

Training Lab

To meet strongly growing customer expectations, a new space designed to carry out tests and training activities on a complete packaging line to give live demonstrations of all the operational systems is created.

SEA Vision and Marchesini Group

SEA Vision yields 48% of its stock to the Bolognese company Marchesini Group, a worldwide leader in the research and realization of packaging machines. After over 20 years of fruitful and established collaboration, an agreement was signed, which grants SEA Vision technical and commercial independence and allows the management to remain in the hands of the founders Luigi Carrioli and Michele Cei. At their side, the commercial director Marco Baietti and the CFO Matteo Boiardi – supported on the board of directors by the top management of Marchesini Group.

New Russian branch

A far-sighted industrial plan is implemented that kick-starts important internationalization operations. A Russian branch is opened in 2018 with local technical and commercial personnel.

New USA branch

A new US branch is opened in New Jersey where technical and commercial personnel head the American market, where SEA Vision had already started to operate a few years earlier.

A new showroom in France

The SEA Vision French branch also expands and opens a new showroom to offer further training services to customers.


HarleNIR is launched on the market, a revolutionary control system based on hyperspectral technology, developed to detect the chemical components during the packaging process.

Lixis acquisition

The entirety of Lixis’ stock is acquired, a leading competitor in the Latin American market with headquarters in Argentina, boasting over 17 years of experience in developing vision systems and pharmaceutical serialization.

Opening a second branch in Goiania

The expansion in the Latin American continent continues. A second branch is opened in Goiania, located at the heart of the Brazilian pharmaceutical district.


SEA Vision develops yudoo , a software suite for the total control of the production line offered to pharmaceutical companies through advanced analysis features in the context of Pharma 4.0.

ARGO Vision is acquired

100% of ARGO Vision is acquired. This Milanese start-up specializes in the development of Artificial Intelligence focusing on Computer Vision and Machine Learning. ARGO is a young, dynamic reality whose founders have over 15 years of experience in the industry.

A new branch in Mexico

A new branch is opened in the City of Mexico to offer assistance services to the local market. The latest addition includes a showroom and a test Laboratory.

A brand-new Headquarters in continuous expansion

To culminate an amazingly successful 25-year long business activity, a new futuristic headquarter is built, imprinted on the concepts of sustainability, innovation, and modernity, designed to host the activity of a perpetually growing company.

Launch a new blister serialization and aggregation technology

To further enhance products identification, which is a prerequisite in the healthcare industry, SEA Vision and Marchesini Group launch a state-of-the-art solution that allows for primary packaging serialization and aggregation, up to the pallet level, The blister track and trace solution uses advanced software and high-tech hardware to apply and verify unique serial numbers to each product, and then aggregate them into larger units (cases and pallets)

A-eye lipstick, launch of a new AI based solution for lipstick inspection

SEA Vision presents at Cosmopack and Interpack 2023 the first glimpse of a new Artificial Intelligence technology applied to the visual inspection of lipsticks: a-eye lipstick, aimed to improve the inspection of lipsticks, considered as one of the world’s bestselling cosmetics.

A-eye clearance, the new AI based solution for smarter line clearance

The new a-eye clearance solution is powered by revolutionary AI algorithms and performs an automatic inspection of the packaging line work areas. The scenes are inspected in depth and in real-time, to identify any machine parts out of position, foreign objects, or products passing through the machine in an automated way.