JOB Stations, SEA Vision embraces a project for inclusiveness

Pavia, 17th May, 2022 – SEA Vision has taken an active part in the initiative ”JOB Stations” promoted by the Italian Accenture Foundation and Progetto Itaca, which has the main goal to help people dealing with mental illnessto get a job, thus promoting the culture of work inclusion for rehabilitation purposes. 

An important project allowing the company to collaborate with a local Social Cooperative “La Casa del Giovane” (literally The Youth’s House), allowing people to better express their skills and assert their talent by overcoming the difficulties often linked to the expression of their potential. 

The two young people the company has decided to employ, work remotely inside the structure, in a very welcoming and inclusive environment, thus having a unique opportunity to express themselves through work, which represents a real pillar for any rehabilitation path. 

We have found in the JOB Stations project Mission statement a great affinity with our corporate values, and precisely because we also believe in the principle that “we all have a potential to express”. For this reason, we want to contribute to the goal of “Transforming disability into ability”. 


job stations project