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Solutions for cosmetic industry

As a leading player in vision inspection systems, serialization, process automation and data management solutions, SEA Vision has extended its proven expertise to the cosmetic industry.

With a portfolio of innovative software solutions for quality inspection, traceability, and process automation tailored for beauty manufacturing companies, we help to maintain the highest standards in cosmetics production and traceability along the supply chain – ensuring the effective protection of the brand’s reputation.

Find below the solution that fits your needs.

Vision inspection for cosmetics

In a sector where customers indicate quality as a synonym of a product’s safety and efficacy, a 100% accurate control of cosmetic products and their packaging are paramount to safeguard the reputation of the brand.

Capable of controlling 100% of the product during the packaging process, our vision systems ensure that every cosmetic product passes rigorous analysis to:

  • guarantee the maximum production quality
  • meet quality standards
  • eliminate mix-up risk
  • preserve the perfect shape of every cosmetic

By detecting any sort of defect, from packaging integrity to codes and variable data correctness: just to make some examples, the most common controls include integrity controls, correct cap colors, label orientation, correct assembly, cap presence, and many other.

100% inspection of products and their packaging

Satisfy consumers’ quality expectations

Protected brand reputation in the competitive marketplace

Vision inspection systems for product and packaging integrity control

We design systems with multiple cameras that can satisfy all different kind of controls on primary and secondary packaging equipment like bottle filler/capper, squeezable tube filler, lipstick fillers, labellers, cartons, end-of-line machines. 

Designed to minimize rejections, the technology is made to limit them to only the non-compliant products, with absolute precision and reliability.


An innovative in-line system for lipstick inspection

Developed by SEA Vision and ARGO Vision, a-eye lipstick has recently won the award for the best “innovative technologies” category at the Cosmopack Asia awards in Hong Kong.

It is the world’s first system for the automatic control of lipsticks during production based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. The software automates the quality inspection process of lipsticks, previously largely entrusted to manual human control.

The core concept behind a-eye lipstick is to solve a problem: the wide variety of features that distinguish lipsticks (colors, finishes, shapes, formulations, and combinations) makes the inspection process an extremely complex task when carried out with the use of automated inspection with classical machine vision systems.

The system is based on proprietary algorithms driven by Artificial Intelligence: the use of innovative neural, pre-neural and non-neural technologies enables the ideal balance between inspection quality and efficiency during the production process.

End-to-end traceability

With the ever-increasing channels for shopping, is always more easy for potentially harmful products to enter the market. The cosmetics industry needs to actively combat counterfeiting to protect the authenticity of its brands and promote concepts of transparency, quality, and sustainability to the end-users.

To answer these needs, SEA Vision has applied its experience in the serialization field to offer a complete and reliable product traceability solution.

The end-to-end traceability solution helps cosmetic companies to protect the authenticity of their brand along the entire supply chain, guaranteeing transparency, quality and customer engagement while actively fighting counterfeiting worldwide.

Prevent counterfeits and unauthorized sales in parallel markets

Improved Supply chain transparency

Easy access to product information and authentication

The end-to-end solution to fight grey market

The software solution enable supervisor, agents and consumers to effortlessly track and trace cosmetic products throughout the entire supply chain, from the production to the end user, to verify their real authenticity.

A dedicated brand web page retrieves the information from the distribution database and manages the control along the Supply chain. It can be specifically set up with dedicated functionalities for different users (company agent, retailer, end-user) to verify the authenticity of the product once delivered to the market.

This solution provides real-time visibility of products information, to build trust with customers by promoting the concepts of quality, and sustainability.



Brandapp completes the range of end-to-end solutions. It is a mobile application to verify the authenticity and the correct distribution of cosmetic products along the supply chain.

This progressive web app is connected to traceability software (which applies the unique serial number of products along the production line). The application works on smartphones and can be configured for different types of users to activate dedicated features. By framing the QR code printed on the product, the user can retrieve complete product information and its history: brandapp retrieves this information thanks to a controlled access to a dedicated database, in a secure and protected way.

Company inspectors can easily verify the correct distribution; retailers can verify the product’s authenticity and access to business intelligence features about sales data; in addition to the authenticity verification, end users may have access to additional product information and promotions.

The authenticity of the cosmetic product and the correct position of products along the supply chain can be monitored and safely tracked, to actively fight counterfeiting.

Yudoo, a complete software solution 

Our process automation solution are dedicated to optimizing your cosmetic production operations to make them faster and safer, minimizing errors and wasted products. Enhance your cosmetics productivity, for improved efficiency.


The solution for 4.0 digitalization

Link all your production systems (ERP, MES, WMS) and increase your production efficiency with Yudoo, the software suite that brings 4.0 to reality.

Launch the production in a fast and automatic way from a centralized platform. Enjoy the benefits of real-time production dashboards that help you find and remove any causes of inefficiencies.