Visions21, a new initiative for Art

SEA Vision Group, a leading company in the design of vision systems and pharmaceutical serialization solutions, launch a new initiative dedicated to contemporary art, entitled VISIONS 21. Organized in collaboration with the care of Isorropia Homegallery – a Cultural Association no profit, based in Milan, the project aims to explore the interconnections between Art and Companies; an ambitious idea that wants to create a new, more creative and more connected and more dynamic working horizon. The 4,000 square meters of offices thus become innovative cultural centers. 

The artists on display, until January 23, 2022, are: Linda Carrara, Roberto Fanari, Marco Fantini and Fabio Roncato. The artistic exhibition is available to all workers, all collaborators, and to external public (upon request: artevents @ seavision. it).

VISIONS 21 wants to give a precious added value to everyday life, creating a multidisciplinary dialogue.

“A company is a complex reality and a central subject for the economic and social life of the territory; it is a central node where the interests of many people meet, from employees to local authorities, from suppliers to universities. As such a central actor, I think that a company must reflect the people’s lives and their needs. One of these is Art, that makes you reflect, that makes you feel emotions, and create a pleasant and stimulating environment” says Luigi Carrioli, President of SEA Vision Group and main animator of the initiative. “With this first exhibition – the first in a long series, we hope – we want to offer our employees, mainly young people, the opportunity to measure themselves with Art and to approach it in all its expressions, because the basis of artistic research is always the creation of something ne: we hope that this approach can translate into the ability to innovative products and create something always different from others”.

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Some pictures from the vernissage organized in September 2021