Product Development philosophy


We believe that striving for excellence is the attitude to pursue innovation into everything we do. Beyond the software we offer, we are always committed to meeting and surpassing customers’ expectations.

We develop software solutions for Pharmaceutical companies and packaging machine manufacturers. Innovation, customization and integration are our answers to customer’s needs.

A Future-proof software core

Evolution, by design

Scalability and modularity are the two fundamental concepts of SEA Vision products.

SEA Vision has developed a software platform with highly configurable libraries and automation tools that can be used for an incredible variety of needs. In addition, market requirements and internal changes drive the continuous development of new features, enriching the product over time and offering unique and shared resources to all customers. This approach avoids tailoring individual software packages for single cases, which we believe may lead to dead ends in terms of software due to updating difficulties.

This scalability requirement is therefore key to the success of SEA Vision products and, over time, has enabled SEA Vision customers to quickly adapt to the evolving requirements imposed by regulators and to innovate their production processes making them future-proof.
The result? No more having to start from scratch at every new change, but a Software Core with new incremental features that allows customers to face ongoing technological and legislative developments.


By your side, to realize every future project

Implementing a new project into a software environment can sometimes be challenging for the pharmaceutical production sector in particular, where data and product safety is crucial. Each new step and novelty must be implemented with utmost care, bearing in mind business stability and production continuity. This is why we have first and foremost created an Engineering service to assist customers step by step in choosing the most suitable product.

Here’s how we handle a project: firstly, the customer’s User Requirement Specifications are analyzed, the software environment and the existing data architecture are studied as well as all the processes already in place and the customer’s new needs. After examining the functionalities, a specific feasibility project is studied, and then, only after carrying out appropriate performance tests, the most suitable combination of software and hardware is suggested. Many years of know-how and expertise gained are an outstanding resource for each new project, as we are able to propose transversal solutions that have been successful in similar cases and accompany the customer toward a definitely successful project.

The Engineering team employs 25 product and automation specialists and works, on one hand, in close contact with the customer, and on the other hand, with the Software Development and Production department, to define and suggest the best possible solutions for the needs of each customer.

computer screen: product development

R&D: a department to lead the challenges of the future

The R&D department has the task of developing new solutions by combining traditional software know-how with the experimentation of new emerging technologies. The R&D laboratory studies new approaches and experiments the application of innovative techniques to be combined with the more traditional Computer Vision front in order to exceed continuous new goals in the field of machine vision and automation. The more traditional systems are enhanced, in particular, by new Artificial Intelligence technologies, which have the task of innovating, anticipating the future and enriching the product portfolio with new, increasingly performing and intelligent solutions.

Computer Vision and Machine Learning pass by here


ARGO Vision is a startup founded in 2016, that excels in Artificial Intelligence. The company is specialized in developing smart algorithms for computer vision (neural-based and pre-neural), AI easy to adopt and optimized by design. Thanks to a solid scientific background, a widespread academic network, and a daily R&D activity, ARGO Vision constantly anticipates the most interesting trends in computer vision and machine learning. Their software use only proprietary techniques to move beyond the state of the art.


argovision employees

A Smart software that leverages the hardware processing power

SEA Vision systems are Computer Based, and for this reason the choice of the best hardware is fundamental. The Core application of our systems runs on industrial PCs, therefore the choice of a reliable and highly performing hardware that is scalable in the future is fundamental. This distinguishes the company from competitors using Smart Cameras and similar devices.

For this reason, SEA Vision has selected the best industrial hardware on the market and has customized it in order to have guaranteed updates, supply continuity and future technological upgrading.

The Hardware portfolio comprises the best products in the industry: IPCs, processors, HMIs, optics, cameras, illuminators, I / O interfaces and all the components needed to ensure the application’s success.

The secret to having a highly-performing vision and traceability system is to ensure optimal hardware matching so that the software is able to fully exploit its capacity.

The Software is indeed always developed to be able to make full use of the hardware on the market, which is always rapidly evolving and changing. As Software specialists, we are always focused on writing lean, intelligent software, capable of evolving and of being configured quickly, easily and efficiently.

Integration experience is everything

Automation for better integration

All SEA Vision systems include advanced automation technologies, for the best integration with OEM machine, such as:

  • I/O board to exchange signals with the machine’s PLCs
  • Electronic oscilloscope for the precise analysis of the signals and easy debug operations
  • Logi-C: a proprietary fully configurable logic for signals, messages, HMI or physical buttons with full access to internal software variables. This logic makes it possible to increase or create automation levels on OEM machines and to create an operator workflow.
  • Shift register for the manipulation of the machine signals
  • FIFO logic for Track and Trace is easily adaptable to packaging processes. FIFO tracks the physical and the logical position of the product to be packaged for perfect process management
machine: product development philosophy
Integration with best packaging equipment manufacturers

Integration experience

Pharma specific solutions compliants with regulations

SEA Vision solutions are compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and annex 11 EU GMP. System access is limited to authorized users only, and permissions are role-based customized, allowing the use of corporate Active Directory for user verification. Each change made by each operator on the system is recorded in an audit trail file together with date and time of the event. Once recorded in the file, the events cannot be edited. A copy of the register, whose integrity is guaranteed, is available for review, when required.

Each SEA Vision system is validated following standard procedures. Internal FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), FAT at OEM site and SAT (Site assembly test) at customer site are carried out. SEA Vision produces the documentation relating to the IQ (Installation Qualification) and OQ (Operational Qualification).

Software development follows GAMP5 regulation. All the solutions are certified according to the regulations of the countries of distribution (CE, UL, CSA, …).

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