YUDOO FOR DATA ANALYSIS: workflow analysis software

Advanced KPIs and reporting

The Advanced KPIs and reporting workflow analysis software provided by yudoo, further improve the OEE insights available. This solution collects the most critical processes workflows parameters and transform them into valuable information about the equipment performance.

OEE analysis of workflows

Workflow insights for improved performances

Customized KPI reports

User-oriented visualization of metrics

Workflow analysis often reveals time consuming tasks or bottlenecks, such as: time needed to solve adjustment or setup issues, slow communications, slow receipt of materials, time to understand and fix problems, people availability, usage of different systems and applications and other.


Use your data to achieve the best

By collecting all the information coming from the shopfloor yudoo is able to analyze, calculate and build advanced KPI’s reports customized for the specific business need, to discover new opportunities for process improvement.

Better processes, more competitiveness

By combining data from equipment, systems and workflows, yudoo extends the field of the OEE analysis including processes, to find useful insights and corrective action that leads the business to increased competitiveness.

Understanding which phases of the production cycle process present criticalities allows the employee to act immediately, by assessing the situation and adopting effective counter measures. This impacts the time needed to find a solution and even to solve problems, thus maximizing the return on investments.

Yudoo offers a wide catalog of preconfigured performance indicators to adapt dashboards and reports to every need.

Calculate any KPI, by matching Data with workflows

Yudoo is able to calculate in real-time any KPI that may suit any business indicator, matching data with unstructured variables, to deliver clear and easy-to-understand charts and graphics that display what inefficiencies are affecting the processes.

Build the report that means the most for your objectives

The solution makes possible to build the most comprehensive and customized reports from scratch, to mix and match a wide set of processes information with data deriving from different sources.

Features and compliance

The system is specifically designed for the pharmaceutical market, and it is compliant with the industry regulations, with user access regulated by FDA 21 CFR part 11 and annex 11. All events are registered by the software in an audit trail file to keep track of all the security-relevant activities.

The continuous Software development follows Gamp 5, to always improve products quality and consistency.

Advanced KPIs and reporting

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