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We have been operating within the pharmaceutical sector for years and we know that to have efficient and rapid local support services worldwide is essential.

To ensure Customer Satisfaction, we do indeed offer a wide array of services, starting from standard requirements such as technical assistance and maintenance, training and spare parts, through to Preventive Maintenance, Software Updates and much more.

Our Long-Term SLA’s on 24/7 basis include some very useful services to overcome standard response times and even tailored services to make our software easier and safer to use.


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A team of specialized technicians

Our SEA Vision service team employs Engineers who are specialized in Industrial Vision and Automation systems; they put their experience and expertise at the service of customers to solve all kinds of troubleshooting situations; dynamic specialists who monitor, manage and resolve assistance requests very quickly, ensuring constant and valuable support.

The team is at your side for post-installation requirements, implementing a proactive approach in order to guarantee effective technical assistance in case of need, always ready to help you take full advantage of the functionalities of SEA Vision systems.


We speak your language

Our Service Team is always available to provide technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the operational continuity of the systems and respond to the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies.

We respond to enquiries directly from our SEA Vision offices all over the world in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hindi and Chinese.

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How to reach us

If you need immediate support, please contact our Help Desk Service team by phone or email.

The Service team is available for everyone at +39.0382.1510505, from Monday to Friday 08.30 am – 5:30 pm GMT (except Italian holidays and festivities) and by mail to: [email protected]

The team manages every request with a traceable ticketing service, assists you in case of any problems, and helps to solve particular situations in due time.

The Service team works 24/7 for all S.L.A. Subscribers, according to the agreed contract Times.

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"Behind the scenes" of Ticket Tracking Service

As soon as you contact our Help Desk Service Team, we issue a support ticket, which is tracked throughout all the phases.

According to an organized workflow, the Service Team registers all the actions taken, tracking and monitoring their progress. Each expert technician collects the data of the request, provides the required initial assistance and organizes the next steps to resolve the situation by contacting the SW Department. Customers who subscribe to an S.L.A. plan have access to the Customer Portal where all the information concerning tickets is accessible and visible per site, line and/or machine.

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The Assistance in a click

We manage remote assistance through the dedicated RemoNow or Remolive services.

Our Service connects directly to the vision systems installed on your lines in a totally safe environment.

Our technicians guide you in pinpointing and resolving the problem. If you have purchased an Advanced or Premium SLA plan, RemoNow and Remolive are already included.


A fast track for a world of services

Systems always up-to-date, faster response times, customized spare parts sets, tailor-made training: these are some of the many ways to keep your vision systems highly efficient and to ensure maximum performance. If, like us, you believe it is important to protect your vision systems well beyond the warranty expiry term, why not choose one of our SLA plans: predefined and modular packages including groups of functions and services that prove extremely useful for a truly customised package! We have created assistance plans that guarantee optimal support at all times.

Contact your area sales manager to find out about all our plans and their benefits and ensure direct contact between your line and our team of specialized technicians.

Help Desk S.L.A. (Service Level Agreement) plans

We know how important it is to have a reliable supplier to ensure maximum performance continuity of your packaging lines. We strive to assist you in keeping your systems healthy and efficient at all times.

Whatever could impact your production is a priority for us.

Our Help Desk S.L.A. plans include a dedicated help line with faster response times, distinct discounts on spare parts for hardware, specific training on the systems you have purchased and many other useful services.

Help Desk S.L.A. plan

Help Desk S.L.A. plan

Help Desk S.L.A. plan

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Software Maintenance S.L.A. (Service Level Agreement) Plans

Keeping the software updated to the latest released versions at all times is a great advantage to guarantee optimal use and safety.

By subscribing to a Software maintenance plan, your vision systems will always be updated to the state of the art to keep them highly efficient.

Software Maintenance
Plans for SEA Vision


The right piece at the right time

The productivity of our pharmaceutical customers must always be at the highest possible level. For this reason, we guarantee the backward compatibility of spare parts for our hardware, such as cameras, illuminators, PCs and scanners. Should a part be out-of-stock, there will always be a replacement, thanks to the extreme flexibility of our products. A fast and efficient delivery service is guaranteed too.


Always at your side

These special services are designed to offer you the best advice on how to keep your SEA Vision systems in top conditions throughout their entire service life.

A dedicated customer Portal with Business Intelligence dashboards is at your disposal so that you can consult the status of the Service tickets of all your offices and monitor periodic appointments with our Engineers to check improvements and maintenance needs in advance.

Customer Portal

Annual preventive maintenance

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Training for Every User

We provide training services on our software, intended for different users: line operators, automation engineers, IT specialists, in order to transfer all the best skills to use the software.

Some courses include theoretical and practical sessions with troubleshooting exercises.

The training are done at our premises (Italy and France) on a packaging line consisting of labeller and end-of-line machine. Or alternatively, at the customer premise. If you prefer, we can also take the courses remotely. Contact us!

We want to hear from you!

We believe that staying in touch with our customers is the key to building good relationships: for any questions, we’re here to help!


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