Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance System: QA reporting goes digital


The Quality Assurance Reporting is a customizable tool offered by yudoo, for helping pharmaceutical companies to digitalize quality processes. It is possible to create multiple QA Report templates where to put selected parameters, like GMP alarms, Audit Trail exceptions, QA-Relevant Errors, Reconciliation formulas, Critical Parameters modifications and so on.

Collection of QA productivity metrics

Template-based reports

Suggestion of effective QA best practices

QA process issues detection 

More information for QA team 

A Quality Assurance report showcases the most useful data to achieve QA compliance and display them to the supervisor, to support and improve the batch review procedures.

AUTOMATED AND TRUSTFUL pharmaceutical quality assurance system

Improve your reporting and save time with automated reports

Relevant information leads to actions

Easy-to-read visual reports greatly enhance data interpretation and decision-making processes, improving the reliability of QA procedures.

Lessons Learned from the past

Historical reporting makes it easier to identify defects in the QA process to be able to prevent mistakes before they happen again, as well as to improve the removal of QA issues that could stop the batch release.

Recommendations and improvements

It’s possible to integrate any information to be used for QA process improvement.

Features and compliance

The quality assurance system is specifically designed for the pharmaceutical market, and it is compliant with the industry regulations, with user access regulated by FDA 21 CFR part 11 and annex 11. All events are registered by the software in an audit trail file to keep track of all the security-relevant activities.

The continuous Software development follows Gamp 5, to always improve products quality and consistency.

qa report in pharma company

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