Vision inspection systems for pharmaceuticals

Product and packaging quality inspection systems

The quality control of the drugs and their packaging is essential to reduce risks of defective products, but also to automatize the production processes.

SEA Vision has been developing industrial machine vision software for the pharmaceutical industry since 1995. Today the vision portfolio has evolved into a complete range of hardware and software solutions, always integrating latest-generation technologies such as infrared spectroscopy, laser absorption and many more.

Vision inspection systems, workstations, and vision kits: a complete range of products featuring proprietary algorithms developed in-house to perform a number of different control functions both on products or their packaging to ensure total quality.


A complete range of controls

SEA Vision systems perform a full set of control inspections on colour, shape, size, components, correct assembly, OCV / OCR on variable data and codes. The systems work with any kind of support material and can inspect tablets, capsules, blisters, sachets, stick packs, vials, bottles, syringes, cartridges, bottle packs, nests, trays, squeezable tubes, medical devices, secondary packaging, and others.


Total quality, 100% guaranteed

Vision systems for quality control guarantee accurate visual inspections directly on the line. Thanks to specifically written algorithms and programmable measurements, even the most complex checks are carried out in just milliseconds on 100% of the product, and results are displayed in real-time without affecting the production speed.

Checking different
aspects of products
and packaging.

Vision system
for blister

2D and 3D
inspections of
solid oral products.

Vision system
for thermoforming

inspection. Special
packaging controls.


Workstations for pharmaceutical products and packaging quality checks

Workstation with an integrated vision system to check the quality of products and different kinds of packaging.

Counting of vials in tray

Counting of syringes inside the nest

labelverifier logo

ANSI grading on label in real-time


Software and hardware kits

The so-called “Kits” are a combination of software and hardware ready to be installed on different OEM machines – and preset to perform a specific check; just a few examples: to check the presence of the product and its components, defects in shape, size and colour, presence of foreign bodies, and others.

It is possible to install one or more kits and perform multiple checks simultaneously.

checkittube logo

Kit for pharmacode inspection and correct orientation of squeezable tubes.

Kit for pin-holes presence inspection in the thermoforming material.

Kit to control
the print quality
on lidding foil
of every material.

The advantages of our systems

Fewer rejects

Anticipated detection of the production line errors

A faster and more efficient process

Lower risks of product withdrawal

Production compliance to the pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines

Improved quality standards and increased productivity

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