a-eye clearance, line clearance more efficient and safer than ever before


Nowadays the pharmaceutical market requires more frequent changeovers on the packaging line with a high number of small productions. This increases the risk of a costly product recall for wrong products, labels and packaging entering in the lines. Furthermore, with smaller batches, the time dedicated to the line clearance
procedure raises and the efficiency of the process (OEE) is reduced.


A-eye clearance is the new AI-powered automated technology for faster and more efficient processes of line clearance. A solution that combines software and hardware components to streamline the changeover times and improve the quality process of your packaging lines, passing from manual to paperless and automated line clearance processes.


A software designed to ease, and digitalize the line clearance procedures on packaging lines, before a batch or product changeover according to the customer’s SOPs.

Artificial Intelligence powered software

Advanced automation features

Evolve SOP in automated workflow

OEE improvement

Automated reports with process digital evidencE

A-eye clearance is driven by AI algorithms that are implemented with the purpose of automating the line clearance procedures, allowing to avoid errors and deviation, to record digital evidence of the process and to boost the OEE of production lines by reducing the time needed for changeover.


Faster, safer and more reliable

This solution combines software and hardware components (cameras, sensors, scanners) that – once integrated into the line – allow to check in real-time the anomalies on each critical area detection point

The system can receive and elaborate information from multiple sources in order to answer to every customers request of control.

  • Industrial cameras for critical area inspection
  • Smart sensors for specific spot detection
  • Security cameras for production area inspection
  • Manual acknowledge system (scanning an ID code)

The control is based on powerful proprietary software using Artificial Intelligence techniques to deeply understand the scene and highlight only the real issues, evaluate every critical area.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence the system is never limited by reflections or shadows, even with the most different lighting and environmental conditions.

AI algorithms automatically improves their-selves to react always better to the changes on the scene. Algorithms improvements are developed to be installed accordingly to the customers specific change management procedures

The system includes automation libraries that allows coordinating the movement of the mechanical parts of the machine before the images acquisition. This feature grants complete control of all the machine surfaces, even on covered and hidden areas.


The immediate advantages are the reduction of the number of cameras that are needed and the harmonization of the interactions between the operators and the machines.

The system is compliant with pharma industry regulations. User access is regulated by FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11. All events are registered by the software in an Audit Trail file.
Software development follows Gamp 5 guidelines for products including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Many phases, one solution

The line clearance procedure usually includes three consecutive phases that a-eye clearance follows or manages accordingly to customers’ needs:

  • Clearing all previous batch-related items
  • Cleaning all the line parts
  • The final automatic checking phase

Discover below what a-eye clearance system can do, for each of these phases.

Discover the power of AI-based controls
Clearing and cleaning phase

Smart Document system

With a-eye clearance the clearing and cleaning phases are executed by means of a step-by-step guided workflow based on the customer’s SOP.

A Smart document system describes the actions to be performed during the procedure showing to the operator the right instruction documents, pictures, or videos.

Automatic checking phase

Alerts and evidences in real time

A-eye clearance system automatically performs the checking procedure, to verify that every checkpoint has been correctly cleared – giving immediate evidences of the control. In case of foreign object detection, the system immediately alerts the operator.

Other features

Anomalies detection during format change

Real-time anomalies detection is always active and help operators in different ways, for example during the format change the system highlights the missing and misplaced components, helping the operator to don’t forget details.

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Add more value to your data

QA automated reports

The system automatically collects information and digital evidence for every performed phase and action (both automatic and manual). At the end of the production batch, the data collected are used for the creation of automatic and personalized QA reports.

Go Paperless! 

All the procedures are digitalized and the needed reports are automatically filled in digital formats.
This helps to reduce the quantity of paper travelling back and forth on the line, reduces the space needed for physical archives, and helps the environment.

Business intelligence insights

A-eye clearance e is an extraordinary tool able to elaborate all the recorded data and to give you extra information/insights about your production line. It includes Business Intelligence tools that adds the possibility to smartly elaborate the huge amount of data collected and extract useful information to increase the performances further.

An example: changeover time of different line clearance processes can be deeply analysed in order to understand how to improve and reduce this time, increasing productivity.

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