A sustainable, innovation-oriented institutional campus

The new SEA vision headquarters is a unique, smart and absolutely environmentally-friendly building boasting new zero-emission technologies. A real technological campus that hosts over 170 people.

“Although the SEA Vision group has established itself on all main international markets, it is our firm intention to keep the productive heart of the company in Pavia, the city where it all began.”

The three main souls of the project

The building’s three key points are eco-friendliness, a modern layout and shared working, cultural and innovation spaces.


The headquarters in numbers

The new 3-storey building, built on a 6000 square meter plot of land on the outskirts of Pavia, occupies 4000 square meters of offices, including meeting rooms, computer labs and spaces dedicated to technological research and production.

This amazing 8-million Euro investment for the future is an integral part of an existing expansion plan.

The objective is to offer our customers more and more complete services. It is indeed by taking such steps, always with an eye towards the future, that we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2020.


When the design is functional beauty

The building was designed by Bertoletti+Greco Architects’ Studio, enhancing the importance of environmental sustainability.

Our HQ is an efficient building equipped with photovoltaic, rainwater recycling and Domotic lighting systems to drastically cut down on wasted energy.

The indoor lighting system fully exploits natural outside light thanks to modern technologies that convey it into the building through solar tubes. Naturally, the facing direction of the building and space arrangement are devised to ensure consumption efficiency.

Clean energy and Solar Tubes

Photovoltaic and green mobility

Photovoltaic panels of the latest generation now produce energy at the headquarters.

Latest generation photovoltaic panels installed at the headquarters now produce most of the energy requirements of the factory, making all the activities self-sufficient and consequently reducing its carbon footprint.

The natural outside light is conveyed by several solar tubes installed in the factory.

Again, speaking of a Green approach, some EV columns have been installed in the parking area of the building to promote zero-impact mobility.

seavision is plastic free
Onwards to plastic free

When it comes to “easier said than done”, it’s time to Change.

We are aiming to soon become plastic free, hence we have provided water dispensers around the company to eliminate the use of individual plastic bottles. As for environmental impact, we have estimated that thirty thousand fewer bottles will be used in a year and that means about 1000 kilos of plastic saved.

For meals too, we have chosen a partner who embodies ecological sustainability to perfection, by using entirely biodegradable packaging, choosing local ingredients, ensuring a short supply chain and reducing waste and leftovers.

planeat.eco: la spesa senza spreco

A technological campus

The new headquarters feature a Research and Development laboratory, a showroom, and a production area where the SEA Vision technologies come to life, are tested and produced thanks to in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical production processes and on-going research of innovation. What’s more, our close partnership with Italian Universities, especially that of Pavia, has inspired the idea of creating multi-functional classrooms and halls equipped to promote teamwork and participation in training courses.


Women in science

We aim to promote gender equality and we believe that our industry, as of always focused on the future, should stay one step ahead in all social aspects.

We have indeed named our meeting rooms after some great women who made their mark in history for their special merits in scientific, technological, and computing fields. This is a simple initiative to remind the value of many women that with perseverance and passion brought new important and revolutionary discoveries to society and inspired other scientists around the world.


Re-creational moments of rest

When people feel well, they work well. This concept inspired the idea of a large and bright lounge where people can take a break, have a coffee or work outside the office to refresh their thoughts and motivation. It is a stimulating and enjoyable space where colleagues can meet and psych-up again!

seavision art

Art and culture

We have young and motivated team members and we aim to offer them the best place to work in, where they are free to express their ideas and feel appreciated. For this reason, an exhibition of contemporary artworks has been set up, available to all employees and also open (upon request) to external guests.

Art has the power to stimulate and make us reflect, and this translates into our everyday reality to push for the idealization of increasingly more innovative and unique products.