SEA Vision is sponsor of Looking for Monna Lisa

The Visconteo Castle will host “The vision of Leonardo in Pavia”, just a part of the exhibition dedicated to the genius masterpiece: Looking for Monna Lisa. SEA Vision, as main sponsor, proposes an immersive path based on virtual reality, in order to bring the visitors back to the Renaissance Pavia, near the same Leonardo who lived there between 1490 and 1513.

“Leonardo Da Vinci in Pavia” and its places are the heart of the exhibition hosted by the city from November 24th 2019 to March 29th, 2020. Thanks to the immersive vision, the visitors will travel through time and places, exploring in a contemporary and technological way every artwork and discovering many hidden details.

During the interactive itinerary, the virtual reality provided by Oculus visors, will drive the visitors in an engaging journey inside the picture, making the experience even more fascinating with the voice of Massimo Polidoro.

The concept of this exhibition is really close to SEA Vision one: the multinational of Pavia provides technological vision systems, thus performing inspection beyond the visible. This is just one of the reasons that pushed the company to become main sponsor of the event; but there are others common points such as the culture of innovation and the proactive spirit in conceiving new technological solutions capable of improve the safety of pharma products, thus the quality of people’s life, going worldwide.

Oculus visors, through which the visitors will discover the time of Leonardo, in an unusual visit among territory, history and art, represent a further link with SEA Vision technological heart: a bridge that connects an innovative business to vision systems for quality control in the pharmaceutical field.

The sponsorship of the exhibition is also a means through which SEA Vision can show the attachment to Pavia: the interesting relationship between the company and the city is made up of an economic growth, job possibilities, innovation and skills developed and kept on the ground of Pavia, where the new headquarters is being built to grant innovation, collaboration and environment sustainability.

SEA Vision is sponsor of Looking for Monna Lisa