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We collaborate with many universities and high schools, integrating our know-how into degree courses through workshops and tailored lessons; we also have ongoing in-house curricular internship projects for students who are writing their thesis, but also for others, and this is why we are always on the lookout for brilliant fresh high school and university graduates.

If you too want to put your skills to the test, check out our current projects here below and find the right one for you.


SEA Vision is a partner for the MD+ of the university of Pavia

We are a partner of the University of Pavia for the MD+ master program, which stands for Master Degree+, allowing last year students to attend a compensated internship with the affiliated company to write their thesis. The goal is to offer students hands-on experience to boost their professional competences right through to their graduation. Go to the university’s website to find out about the next call.

Retold experiences

"The way to go" at SEA Vision

We would like to introduce you to Marco and Mattia; two university peers attending different degree courses.

They met at SEA vision and are now carrying out their thesis project at our Technical Department as members of our Yudoo team. This office is responsible for developing our software suite for pharmaceutical production line management.

Their assignments are complementary and utilize two different techniques: Marco develops the mathematical models, Mattia deploys neural networks. We interviewed them to learn more about their projects.

two students

In-house thesis

To guide students through internship projects aimed at writing their thesis, we have activated several agreements with the most prestigious universities from the north of Italy: The Polytechnic University of Milan, The Polytechnic University of Turin, University of Pavia, University of Milan, and The University of Eastern Piedmont. Contact us for more information.

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"TecnicaMente" project

Through the ” TecnicaMente” project, a collaboration agreement between the Adecco employment agency and local businesses,
last-year students from ITIS Cardano Pavia can attend a School-Work experience period at prestigious business partners such as SEA Vision, supervised by a tutor.

At the end of the agreed period, which usually lasts a few months, the students can present the result of their work to a jury. The winners of the challenge will obtain visibility and an opportunity to benefit from formation courses for free. This creates an opportunity for students and local businesses to meet and to assess the possibility to introduce new talented people to their list of employees.

SEA Vision won the project for two years running, in 2018 and 2019!


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