SEA Vision and Welfarecare, together to prevent breast cancer

All over the world, October is the month to raise awareness of the importance of prevention in the fight against breast cancer. This year SEA Vision has joined as Main Partner the initiative organized by WelfareCare together with the Municipality of Pavia, which allows women aged 35 to 49 years to perform mammograms and ultrasounds totally free of charge.

For a whole day in November, a 7-meter mobile clinic will be available to provide to all women living in Pavia a free breast screening. Reservations for the event are available on their website from Friday, November 12, 2021.

SEA Vision chooses to embrace this important initiative because they strongly believe in the importance of prevention for the protection of women’s health – who represent an important part of SEA Vision’s personnel.

Paolo Marangolo, HR Manager of SEA Vision said: “The respect and the protection of health and territory is one of the core values of SEA Vision’s corporate culture. We are very happy to support this initiative that will give all women living in the city of Pavia, the opportunity to perform these medical visits totally free of charge. We need to continue to raise awareness on such a fundamental issue as breast cancer prevention.

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