YUDOO FOR DIGITAL AUTOMATION: asset management solutions

Map and connect your Assets

The asset management solution provided by yudoo, allows to create and manage a well-structured hierarchy that includes and defines all the sources of information (assets): machines, vision systems, devices.

Division of the production environment in sites, departments, lines and assets

Easy definition of asset hierarchies

Quick assignement of attributes to assets

Collection of selected data from different types of assets

Easy configuration and management

Thanks to the asset management functionality, yudoo configures the asset-related parameters and then, during the production, collects data for business intelligence purposes.


Configure your assets and collect only the data that you need

An asset is an entity capable of receiving commands and providing data. It can be a single item (a device or machine) or a group of items (lines and sites) and its definition is specific for each company.

The assets identification is the first step. The second step is the definition of both commands to be exchanged during production, and data to be collected during production (alarms, counters, audit trails, files, and others).

The data acquisition on all the latest-generation machines that use open communication protocols (OPC-DA, OPC-UA, MQTT, Modbus, and others) is performed by yudoo automatically. Otherwise, in case of older equipments and packaging machines, an IoT Kit is provided to make the data collection possible.

asset management system software
asset management solution

Easily configure the structure to digitalize your data

Visual tool

With its user-friendly interface allowing users to navigate easily, the assets hierarchy configuration is made simple, and all the entries can be modified in just some minutes. The Assets Hierarchies are all displayed graphically making it easy to see the assets mutual relations.

Asset properties definition

Different assets parameters can be defined, such as attributes and data to be collected.

Realtime and historical display of assets data

Collected data can be displayed in dashboards for real-time or historical reporting.

Features and compliance

The asset management system software is specifically designed for the pharmaceutical market, and it is compliant with the industry regulations, with user access regulated by FDA 21 CFR part 11 and annex 11. All events are registered by the software in an audit trail file to keep track of all the security-relevant activities.

The continuous Software development follows Gamp 5, to always improve products quality and consistency.

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