YUDOO FOR DATA ANALYSIS: pharmaceutical digital hub solutions

Business Intelligence Tool. Data, insights, actions - at your fingertips

Yudoo helps pharmaceutical businesses to monitor their performance metrics in time, predict future outcomes and drive better business results. The integrated pharmaceutical digital hub solution, provide interactive and rich analytical reports with visual analytics of historicized production and efficiency data.

Full access to critical insight

Predictive and preventive analysis

Data analysis empowered with BI algorithms

Complete control over production data

Ready-made and custom reports available

Yudoo make possible to use hundreds of ready-made Business Intelligence reports, or to create customized ones from scratch to include the data that means the most for a specific need. The available dashboards combines key data and put them all in one place to answer any question, for any position or department, driving to support the processes of business decision making.


Explore your data for better results

Yudoo funnels all the data coming from the connected sources, and transforms them into valuable information, giving access to critical insights that can improve the business’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Yudoo doesn’t only collect and analyze data but uses innovative algorithms of Machine Learning and Neural Networks to build learning models and find patterns in historical data. These technologies help to keep data consistency even in case of complex analysis that involves different data set variables (e.g. stop causes occurrences and teams work shifts) to analyze in deep the broadest range of scenarios and find the right answers.

Predictive and preventive analysis

Yudoo performs predictive and preventive analysis using BI and Anomaly Detection algorithms. By collecting structured ​​and unstructured variables it’s possible to understand in advance the possible future scenarios, for example: risk prediction curves can predict anomalies on mechanical and electrical parts of the machines, indicating the right time when the event will occur.

An expanding library of reports

Report library keeps expanding, collecting the most complex requirements from many customers so as to be up to date with the most recent techniques and analytics.

Features and compliance

The system is specifically designed for the pharmaceutical market, and it is compliant with the industry regulations, with user access regulated by FDA 21 CFR part 11 and annex 11. All events are registered by the software in an audit trail file to keep track of all the security-relevant activities.

The continuous Software development follows Gamp 5, to always improve products quality and consistency.

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