Visions 23, the project dedicated to contemporary art continues

Pavia (Italy), March 6th, 2023 – SEA Vision Group, a leading provider of vision systems and software for the digitization of industrial processes, continues the path – started in 2021 and dedicated to contemporary art – conceived with Isorropia Homegallery, a nonprofit cultural association based in Milan. VISIONS 23, from March 18TH to November 2nd, 2023, presents the works of five artists: Elena Hamerski, Greta Pllana, Riccardo Garolla, Luca Zurzolo and Giacomo Cossio, concerning the theme of man-nature.

The artistic journey will take place inside SEA Vision Group’s Headquarters (Via Claudio Treves 9E, Pavia) a sustainable and innovation-oriented institutional campus.

The exhibition will be open to all company employees and upon request also to the external public (upon registration: [email protected]) with the aim of creating a new flow of inexhaustible exchange between creativity and production logics.

Large and small artworks, sculptures and drawings contaminate the exhibition spaces. On display are works by: Elena Hamerski, Greta Pllana, Riccardo Garolla, Luca Zurzolo and Giacomo Cossio reflecting on the theme of human-nature.

The human artistic journey, as well as the scientific and philosophical, has reflected since the dawn of civilization the relationship we have with nature. Originally, in order to survive, human beings had to defend themselves from nature and feed on it, art was sacred and propitiatory, the surrounding environment was yes the only source of resources essential for life, but it was at the same time mystery and threat, and this forced man to try to know it, to experience it deeply and thus to respect it.

The conservative instinct, however, led him to protect himself and gradually to separate himself from nature. This attitude, at first indispensable, has increasingly determined man’s behavior in his relationship with the ecosystem. The relationship between man and nature is undoubtedly present in any phase of human history and culture, which has always been studied in its infinite facets and present as much in the ambitious universal philosophical theories as in the artistic production of every age.

Man, weak and fragile in front of the complexities of the ecosystem around him, has developed over time the structure of his society to the point of losing direct contact with his roots: he has distanced himself from them, until he has reached a technological development and a spiritual distance from nature such that the mutation of nature from subject to object, above all to object of exploitation, has been accomplished. In this exhibition each of the five artists interprets one of the five fundamental meanings of this long and complex relationship: man is nature, nature and man, man against nature, man without nature, and nature without man.