Students experience: interview with Mattia

Mattia B., 24 Years, realized his thesis project at SEA Vision, in the technical department dedicated to the 4.0 software suite development.  We have interviewed him to take a closer look at his career as a student.

Which university and course were you attending?

I’m attending a Master Degree course in Computer Science and Engineering, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science at the University of Pavia.

What is your thesis about?

My project is consequential to Marco’s one (read the article here). In the last months, I’ve studied a Predictive Maintenance model of Remaining Useful Life Estimation for pharmaceutical production machines. By using both historical and concurrent data to analyze the data sequence in my possession, I have created an estimate of what the state of the machine will be in the future. In technical terms, I made a prediction on whether the health status machine index will stay within the nominal range or deviate from it, which implies a degradation process is taking place.

How did  SEA Vision support you?

Despite the huge amount of activities, my company tutor helped me to got in touch with some partnered businesses (particularly with packaging machine manufacturers) and this helped me to have a deeper understanding of the data collection mechanisms that real machines perform. I also had an extensive collaboration with Argo Vision, the company acquired by SEA Vision, which also deals in Artificial Intelligence.

What do you think about your experience from the classroom to the office?

It was a very stimulating experience that allowed me to think about how I have always seen the university as a sort of goal while it is actually a starting point. I realized that there is still a world to discover and skills to acquire both from a technical and organizational side. I also got along quite well with my tutor and co-workers.

mattia b