Students experience: interview with Martina

Martina Alpeggiani – 25 years old, is writing her thesis based on her experience here in SEA Vision. She has completed an internship within the HR department, supporting the internal Communication and Employer Branding activities.
We interviewed her to learn more about her journey.

Which university and course are you attending?

I am enrolled in a master’s degree in Economics and Business Management at the University of Pavia.

What is your thesis about?

My thesis is about Employer Branding and its benefits can lead for companies in terms of attractiveness, loyalty, and Talent Acquisition. My case study is focused on SEA Vision and on their process of building this strategy.

How is SEA Vision helping you to finish your work?

SEA Vision gave me the opportunity to carry out an internship during my studies. The aim of this experience was the realization and the conduct of a questionnaire addressed to a sample of students of master’s degree courses, for identifying the drivers that guide young people to the choice of their future employer. The activities are aligned with my thesis, whose topic has as target audience – talents belonging to Generation Z and Millennials.

Angelica Ferrari – my company tutor – has immediately supported me in this experience, dispensing me valuable advice both to realize my thesis and to complete the company project. Although the internship is over, Angelica is still involving me in the results achieved in their strategy, which are essential elements for the drafting and implementation of my entire work.

As a student, how are you experiencing this transition from the classroom to the office?

The internship experience was a wonderful opportunity, both to get involved and to acquire different skills from the academic ones. Personally, I think that being part of SEA Vision was a motivating opportunity, because I was able to understand how complex but interesting is the professional world. All the suggestions I received were also valuable for my personal growth, to become aware of my abilities and better understanding which path to take after my graduation.