a-eye lipstick is the winner of Cosmopack Asia Awards 2023

a-eye lipstick wins Cosmopack Asia Awards 2023, in the category innovative technologies

27 th November 2023, Pavia – On 15 November at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the venue of Cosmopack Asia 2023 – SEA Vision together with Marchesini Group beauty won an important award during the prize ceremony for the “Cosmopack Awards”, a global competition that rewards the best solutions presented by companies in terms of design, innovative technologies and sustainable packaging.

Awarded in the category “Innovation Technology”, SEA Vision won first prize thanks to its a-eye lipstick technology. This concept – under development together with ARGO Vision – was presented this year by the Pavia-based company, a leader in the design of software for quality control of pharmaceutical packaging processes.

The prize and the main features of a-eye lipstick

This prize was given to a-eye lipstick because of its ability to market itself as a revolutionary new lipstick vision system powered by Artificial intelligence.

The concept behind a-eye lipstick stems from a fact that all lipstick manufacturers have to address: these products have a number of features that make them very complicated in terms of automatic inspection with machine vision systems. SEA Vision and ARGO Vision have therefore developed an AI-based control system, consisting of cameras and custom lighting systems, which is based on semantic segmentation of lipstick areas (e.g. body, tip, neck, container, etc.), with the aim of identifying every possible imperfection pixel by pixel.

The system learns how to discern an ever-increasing variety of more and more complex defects, item by item. Learning takes place both on the basis of proprietary datasets – a mix of real and synthetic images generated with the most advanced data augmentation and neural generation techniques – and by combining the different models and parameters observed over time.

These deep learning-based semantic segmentation techniques, now the de facto standard in the Artificial Intelligence field, greatly accelerate the development of capabilities for the analysis of objects. In other words, the ever-expanding range of scenarios the system can consider enables the system itself to evolve and become more and more precise.

SEA Vision and the other two winning companies in the packaging design and sustainability categories were first selected and then awarded – after beating off competition from more than 450 entries – by an exclusive jury consisting of professionals from various sectors, including retail, consulting, media, and research and development.

As the winning manufacturer, SEA Vision will showcase its a-eye lipstick technology during the Awards ceremony held at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024, the trade fair where this revolutionary technology was first presented to the world in March.

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