SEA Vision takes part at Pharmap 2023

The Swiss congress will be the opportunity to present the Smart Line Clearance technology to an international audience of insiders


25th May 2023, PaviaThe next 12 and 13 June SEA Vision will participate, as gold sponsor, in Pharmap, the B2B networking event for more than 250 pharmaceutical professionals from the whole value chain of the industry.

At the Congress – which will take place in Geneva, the Swiss healthcare and life sciences hub – it will be shown the perspectives of the industry on PHARMA 4.0, sustainability of the industry, anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, outsourcing and partnerships as a new business model, continuous manufacturing and other up-to-date topics.

For the occasion, SEA Vision – present at stand 33, located right at the entrance to the venue set up for the occasion in the Hilton Geneva Hotel and Conference Center – will entrust Matteo Barbieri – Business Development Manager – with a speech on the new software a-eye Clearence, named “AI-based Smart Clearance Assistant in Pharma Industry.”

A-eye Clearance: safer and more efficient, with AI algorithms   

The Line Clearance processes are crucial stages performed before production begins. The objective is to ensure that equipment andwork areas are clean/free from anyresidualmaterials or documents. However, these very important phases still require the manual intervention of operators to perform specific paper-based tasks and activities with consequent risks related to human error.  

The need for greater safety and smoother processes are the main driver of SEA Vision Group’s A-eye Clearance technology. This brand-new solution is driven by AI algorithms to automate the line clearance procedures while avoiding errors, reducing the time required, and boosting the OEE of production lines.

The use of AI in quality control processes can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of pharmaceutical manufacturing” says Barbieri. “By automating quality control processes, pharmaceutical companies can reduce costs, speed up production, and ensure product quality, benefiting both patients and the pharmaceutical industry. Then, the computer vision, and specifically deep learning, is an inescapable tool in automating quality control processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Its ability to analyze large amounts of data, learn from experience, and adapt to changing environments makes it more efficient and effective than traditional approaches. By improving quality control processes, deep learning can help ensure that drugs meet regulatory standards and are safe for consumption, benefiting patients and the pharmaceutical industry”. 

A-eye Clearance is, therefore, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the way pharmaceutical production lines are checked during production and packaging tasks. By leveraging the power of AI and Machine Learning algorithms, Smart Clearance automates the process of checking the clearance of production lines, making it faster, more efficient, and more accurate than traditional methods.  



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