Contemporary art is protagonist in SEA Vision

The contemporary art exhibition within SEA Vision Group, the Pavia-based company leader in the design of pharmaceutical vision and serialization systems born from the genius of two engineers from Pavia, Luigi Carrioli and Michele Cei, is enjoying considerable success of public. On the opening day of the exhibition (Saturday afternoon, visits only on request), 150 attendees were registered. The exhibition features 4 artists of undoubted value and national importance as Roberto Fanari, Marco Fantini, Fabio Roncato and Linda Carrara. The initiative also received the applause of the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Pavia, Mariangela Singali, and will also be appreciated by the 200 young employees of the company in via Treves (average age of 31 years) who will find themselves working in an environment enriched by a presence of high cultural value: the works of artists.

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