SEA Vision presents its vision solutions at xdays

On 18th March from 9.00 a.m., Francesco Ringressi, North America Sales Manager of SEA Vision, will present our best vision systems for blister technology installed on a complete blister line at Marchesini XDAYS show:  “Integra Series for blister thermoforming and carton packaging integrated in a compact line.


SEA VISION presents the best innovative vision system solutions installed on Marchesini blister complete line: join our event!

Our control vision systems check the quality, the integrity and the chemical  composition of the solid dose product to ensure that only good tablets are packaged.

During the presentation, the following vision systems will be shown in detail:


  • harle2D/3D are designed to check 100% of oral solid dose products on feeding units.
  • harle2D: this type of control allows to check the pictorial and geometric characteristics, such as shape, size, color and presence of major defects of all tablets or capsules before the end of the feeding channel. All these checks are performed looking the product from the top in two dimensions
  • harle3D: it completes the 2D inspection system performing thickness measurement control, that can identify defects invisible to a standard 2D system. 3D system uses the projected pattern on the vibrating plate to analyze the thickness of the product passing under the cameras.

For each product reaching the control station, placed just before the end of the feeding channel, harle3D acquires images for every unit passing under the camera and performs on the image the height measure of the product, that is compared with reference values and rejected if necessary.​


  • harleNIR: is a revolutionary non-destructive control vision system able to perform a chemical inspection based on hyperspectral technology that was developed to detect the chemical content of products. harleNIR controls the Active Principles Ingredients of all the product inside the blister in real time.  During production, the system analyses 100% of the products and discriminates it based on different active ingredients or different dosages.  It is a chemical analysis, done by a camera.
  • harleblister: before the sealing unit, the harleblister control, check the product when is inside the blister.



Francesco Ringressi, North America Sales Manager of SEA Vision.

Francesco started his career with the company in 2013, shortly after graduating in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pavia. Initially responsible for after-sales technical support in several countries including China, Australia and South America, he subsequently moved to the sales division.
Following his first experience at the office in Latin America, Francesco is now manager of SEA Vision’s sales division for North America. Traveling around the world has allowed him to learn the unique characteristics of each market and to become familiar with new cultures, leading him to study and speak five languages.

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