SEA Vision revolutionary AI-powered Line Clearance in spotlight at Interphex New York

Pavia, 25thMarch 2024 – SEA Vision USA announce its participation in the new upcoming edition of Interphex New York, a prestigious event where they will showcase the groundbreaking AI-based line clearance.

The automated line clearance in fact will take center stage during the conference entitled: “Line Clearance & Artificial Intelligence: how to cut changeover time and increase production safety in pharma packagingscheduled for April 17th from 3:00 to 3:30 at the Interphex Technical Theater Stage #1.

In addition, SEA Vision will be presenting on the stand the Trackpca: An all-in-one serialization and aggregation workstation designed to help companies comply with the fast-approaching DSCSA deadlines. 

a-eye Line Clearance: AI to cut changeover time and increase OEE 

Before production begins, line clearance processes play a critical role. The objective is to ensure that equipment andwork areas are clean/free from anyresidualmaterials or documents. Traditionally, these important phases have relied on manual intervention by operators, involving specific paper-based tasks. Unfortunately, this manual approach introduces risks related to human error.The need for greater safety and smoother processes is what drives SEA Vision’s a-eye clearance technology. 

How does this groundbreaking technology make it possible to reduce changeover time and increase production safety in pharma packaging? The answer to this question will be the core topic of the speechentitled Line Clearance & Artificial Intelligence: how to cut changeover time and increase production safety in pharma packaging. The speech will take place on April 17th from 3:00 to 3:30 pm at Technical Theater Stage #1, hosted by Federico Finotti, Sales Director at SEA Vision USA. 

Designed to enhance efficiency and safety, a-eye clearance is the AI-driven solution that is set to transform the traditional line clearance processes: by combining AI algorithms with industrial cameras this solution makes possible to inspect packaging rooms and multiple equipments in parallel.  

With the use of Artificial intelligence algorithms, the solution streamlines changeovers, ensuring that packaging lines are 100%free from previous batch-related items and ready for new production with unparalleled speed and accuracy, avoiding human errors, reducing the time required, and boosting the OEE of production lines. 

Thanks to a dedicated validation strategy, the solution is integrated into GMP procedures. 

TrackPCA: an all-in-one serialisation and aggregation workstation to comply with DSCSA deadline 

Another crucial aspect is serialisation and aggregation, and with the FDA’s deadline for compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) rapidly approaching, it is important for pharmaceutical manufacturers to find a way to comply with these regulations.

At Interphex SEA Vision will be showcasing TrackPCA,a compact workstation designed to manage the serialisation of cartons and multi-level aggregation on cases and pallets all at once, allowing for quick and efficient compliance.  

In fact, the station manages the printing and checking of the variable data and codes to serialise cartons; the presence of a built-in label printer allows parent-child aggregation to be performed up to the pallet level, and partial cases and pallets can also be managed. 

The skills and experience of SEA Vision in cutting-edge Track & Trace software architecture allow manufacturers to be ready in time for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) final deadline of November 27th, 2024.  


Enter the digital era, with yudoo – 4.0 pharma software Suite 

The SEA Vision USA team will be available to offer to all visitors a demo of the 4.0 pharma software Suite solution yudoo.   

The Suite links automation devices, machines, IT and control systems together to manage the entire pharmaceutical production process and, at the same time, collect and analyse data to turn manufacturing insights and traceability insights into action and drive results in terms of OEE improvement.  

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