Sharpened focus on T&T, digital printing and AI line clearance: FachPack 2022

Pavia, September 16th, 2022 – SEA Vision attends the 2022 edition of the fair FachPack, Germany, in Nuremberg from September 27th to 29th. The trade show brings together key players from across the European packaging supply chain. 

 On  Stand 2-415, visitors will have the chance to discover the newest  technologies for the pharmaceutical industry in terms of vision, serialization and industry 4.0 – at the SEA Vision booth will be possible to explore the most innovative products recently launched, mainly: 

  • Innovative Line Clearance solution powered by revolutionary AI algorithms developed by ARGO Vision.
  • Compact and flexible workstations for serialization and aggregation 
  • Recently launched blister serialization and aggregation 
  • ALU reel print quality verification system for in-house printing and inspection of the blister foil.   

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Artificial Intelligence algorithms, to support automated Line Clearance 

Everybody knows that the line clearance processes are crucial stages happening before the production starts. The objective is to ensure that equipment’s and work areas are free/clean from any residual material or document. But, this very important phases still require the manual intervention of operators to perform specific paper-based tasks and activities with consequent risks connected to human errors.  

The need of major safety and smoother process are the main driver of SEA Vision’s Smart Clearance technology – a solution made to avoid these risks, reduce the time needed, thus boosting the OEE of production lines. 

This technology is capable to perform an automatic and accurate inspection of the packaging lines working areas using cameras and sensors. These devices are all managed by innovative smart acquisition system powered by AI algorithms that deeply analyse the inspected scenes in real-time, recognizing immediately the parts of the machine outside their correct position, foreign objects, or products passing through the machine 

The AI system is able to overcome the limits of traditional vision systems in terms of reflections, shadows, or different light conditions. The advantages are many: more accurate inspections in real time, shorter changeover times, an added safety of business’s quality processes, 4.0 factory digitalization enablement. 


Speak with our experts and learn more about Blister Track and Trace solution 

SEA Vision and Marchesini Group have just launched a brand-new solution on the market for primary pack serialization and aggregation. 

The reason of the commitment in such a challenging project is that product identification is a prerequisite in the healthcare industry. While today this prerequisite is respected in the case of cartons and pallets, this does not apply to primary packaging such as blisters. This means that there is still a risk of counterfeiting when it comes to drugs’ primary packaging: a hidden gap that could cause serious damages to the brand reputation.  This innovative solution includes a complete range of technologies to print, inspect and pack serialized blisters and perform aggregation with cartons, all integrated in a 4.0 environment. 

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ALU reel digital printing: In-line or off-line, the advantage is in-house printing   

The software solution for the control of the print quality has been improved to perform controls on aluminum foils. ChecKITprint is a hardware and software kit that can be installed on a blister machine or on a dedicated offline station and allows:  

  • Aluminum reels printing and inspection also at high speed up to 75 m/min  
  • Homogeneously inspect web up to 367mm with high resolution (600dpi) 
  • Wide range of materials supported 

Come and visit us at Stand 2-415 to know how SEA Vision can support your business in the digital journey toward a connected industry. 

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