Veterinary medicines traceability: Ceva Santé Animale choose SEA Vision

Ceva Santé Animale – a French pharmaceutical veterinary multinational specialized in the research, development, and production of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for livestock (ruminants, pigs, poultry) and pets – choose SEA Vision as a traceability partner for the serialization of its veterinary products for the Chinese market, a Country in which the serialization of these drugs is mandatory since 2016. 

To comply with these regulatory requirements, therefore, the company has equipped its packaging lines in the French site of Loudéac with a complete solution for traceability, entrusting the project to SEA Vision not only for its position as globally renowned leader for the pharmaceutical Track & Trace, but also because SEA Vision has successfully enhanced its vision software by enabling the reading of Chinese veterinary market QR codes, which have different characters and contents if compared to the codes usually used for the pharmaceutical market. 

The Chinese legislation requires that each individual sales unit must report a QR code that contains information, such as: the serialization code consisting of 24 digits, the product name, the registration certificate, the initials of the manufacturing company and its telephone contact – and that an aggregation relationship must be provided in case of 2 or more logistic levels of packaging (eg: cartons/cases). 

The complete solution implemented by SEA Vision made it possible to effectively satisfy all the requests presented by the legislation, allowing both to manage the correct importation of serialization codes and its related production data, to print and check them in line, to manage the printing process, and at the same time to apply them on cases and pallets performing the aggregation at all levels. 

Finally, at the end of the production process, the system allows to export the batch data (of the serialization and aggregation process) in files, in accordance with the content and format required by the regulatory authorities. 

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