Brand protection for cosmetic industry

End-to-end serialization solution: cosmetic serial number check

The cosmetics industry has an ever-increasing need to actively combat counterfeiting to protect the authenticity of its brands and promote concepts of transparency, quality, and sustainability to the end-users.

SEA Vision has created a light serialization system for cosmetic products to satisfy these needs. It has created an app that operates from a mobile device that helps the verification process of the products supply chain and generates numerous advantages.

Products authentication fully secure

Supply chain transparency

Increased products and packaging security

Brand protection

Mobile solution


Serialization for the cosmetic industry

End-to-end serialization for the cosmetics industry is based on applying a unique identifier on each cosmetic product following the GS1 standards. This unique identifier is registered in a database and is readable along the entire supply chain.

SEA Vision has a well-established experience in the serialization field and offers a complete and reliable solution for the cosmetic industry.

Level 3 software for the production site, is used to gather and preserve production and serialization data into a database.

A vision and serialization system is used on the machines of the packaging line to print and check cosmetic serial number.

A warehouse rework mobile application is used to perform reworking operations, which results are transferred into the level 3 database.

A warehouse picking mobile application is used for shipment management. The recovered data from level 3 are enriched with logistical data and are archived in a dedicated database.

Brandapp is the mobile application for the authenticity verification of the product along the supply chain. It perfectly recovers information from a dedicated database in a secure and protected way.


Brandapp is a mobile application that verifies the authenticity and the correct distribution of cosmetic products

Brandapp is a progressive web app connected to traceability software, which applies the unique serial number of products along the production line.

The application works on smartphones and can be configured for different types of users to activate dedicated features.

By framing the QR code printed on the product, the user can retrieve complete product information and its history. Brandapp retrieves this information thanks to a controlled access to a dedicated database.

Brandapp checks for the authenticity of the cosmetic product and monitors its correct positioning along the supply chain.


Inspectors, retailers or end users. Everyone can benefit from using brand app

Company inspectors can easily verify the correct distribution.

Retailers can verify the product’s authenticity and access to business intelligence features about sales data.

In addition to the authenticity verification, end users may have access to additional product information and promotions.

A bespoke solution for the cosmetic sector

Fully integrated with yudoo

Brandapp is natively integrated with Yudoo, the 4.0 pharmaceutical software suite for the full management of automation processes, digital quality, data analysis and for Track&Trace. A digital hub that is everywhere accessible through a secure-access web interface or dedicated devices.

A scalable and modular suite, including tools for automation (centralized management of production, workflows and timesheet), for the digital quality (creation of paperless systems, support systems for line clearance operations), for data analysis (analysis of production data, business intelligence dashboard, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance) and for Track and Trace (complete solutions for Level 3 and 4 of serialization, monitoring of serialization operations).

Yudoo offers multiple advantages such as the possibility to centralize production formats and data, avoiding duplicates and reducing work time. The suite can connect to existing company systems to retrieve updated data exactly from where they are.


One player, one vendor, one solution provider

SEA Vision provides an extensive product portfolio of natively integrated solutions. Vision, traceability and data management solutions for pharmaceutical packaging lines are developed with a common approach to obtain a seamless ecosystem.

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