SEA Vision joined OPC Foundation and OPEN-SCS

SEA Vision is now an active member of OPC Foundation, the global organization which is responsible for the development and maintenance of the OPC standard.

The OPC standard is a series of specifications developed by industry vendors, end-users and software developers and is the most widely adopted interoperability standard for secure, reliable, and platform-independent information exchange in the world of industrial automation. The global advantages for all users are having products, systems, and platforms well integrated.

The mission of the OPC Foundation is to manage a global organization in which users, vendors and consortia collaborate to create data transfer standards for multi-vendor, multi-platform, secure and reliable interoperability in industrial automation.

Gianluca Sala, SEA Vision Technical Product Manager clarifies which is the main goal of the decision to join of OPC Foundation:

“We design software managing manufacturing and packaging process, and we work with all main vendors worldwide; the packaging lines where our software is integrated very often involve different vendors. For this reason, the interoperability has been a crucial factor for us; we have developed software improving the optimal flow of data between the most differentiated SCADA, ERP and MES systems for example, ensuring that systems can exchange data safely and correctly with each other in order to be more efficient and powerful.”


Membership OPEN-SCS

SEA Vision became also member of another workgroup: OPEN-SCS, which means OPEN Serialization Communication Standard and is the specific group having as main goal “to specify functional interoperability of packaging serialization solutions to seamlessly integrate the operations and business processes across organizations and regulatory bodies, by aligning with other industry groups and standards whenever appropriate”.

To better explain why this membership is so important, our Technical Product Manager Gianluca Sala explains the reasons why SEA Vision is so enthusiastic: “OPEN SCS is the specific group inside OPC Foundation dedicated to the packaging serialization solution, the main business activity of SEA Vision so far, with more than 5000 systems installed worldwide. Taking part to this group, we will cooperate in an open environment with a lot of pharmaceutical End Users, with other Software solution providers and exchange with them ideas and find new solutions together. The new membership will give us the opportunity to share our experience with all the other members and to give our contribution to the definition of international communication standards. The mission Statement of Open SCS is to allow functional interoperability of serialization solutions – and we are more than ready to go in this direction.”

SEA Vision joined OPC Foundation and OPEN-SCS