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SEA Vision has been listed official partner of the Russian center for research in perspective technologies (CRPT), who manages chestny znak, the national system for traceability. SEA Vision, leader in Pharmaceutical Track and Trace Software development, is present on the Russian market since many years – previously with its partner Marchesini Group, and then since 2018 with its own headquarters in Moscow.

An expert team of Russian Technicians work in this branch office side by side with their colleagues from the Italian Headquarter, to carry out all all the commercial and customer services activities for this strategic area.

The introduction of a new traceability system for all the goods produced in Russia, including pharmaceuticals, requires a complex process of recording production data. This system – which will enter into force on 1st July – since the beginning, had a great impact on the pharmaceutical industry, that is one of the most involved sectors when it comes to counterfeiting.

Russian drug manufacturers faced the great challenge of adapting their production lines to the governmental regulation, by managing complexities that required a dedicated development by all local and international IT partners, including our company. “- says Michele Cei, CEO of SEA Vision -“it was a significant opportunity of growth that led our company to an important product development and gave a great boost to our relationships in this strategic market. ”

SEA Vision is today one of the IT companies specialized in Traceability that have contributed the most in the definition of an acceptable and practicable standard for Russian pharmaceutical companies, as a result of the continuous work in collaboration with the Russian authorities and the market.

“our point of strength lies in having worked closely with our Russian customers for about two years, with the aim of achieving the realization of the government’s requests” – says Federico Finotti, Director of the SEA Vision Moscow office that continues: “having a trained Russian technical staff working here in this Country is a guarantee for our customers, who can refer to a Russian based expert staff.”

SEA Vision offers Russian companies a complete product portfolio of vision systems and modular software that cover all traceability needs: from level 3 software – to guarantee a correct traceability process on all the machines or lines types of the company – to level 4 software, necessary for recording and transmitting serialized data to Markirovka.

This complete architecture is compatible with all the possible scenarios, whether they are MAHs or CMOs, both in case they are present on the internal market only or active in the exports from/to the European Union and beyond.

“Customers who choose SEA Vision are ready to start their drugs production in compliance with regulations. The choice of SEA Vision allowed them to be able to install and validate all the necessary technologies in the right time to be compliant within the entry into force of the law – on the July 1st, 2020″ explains Federico Finotti.

The complexity of the processes required by Markirovka, demanded an effort to adapt the data transmission methods between the company’s ERP systems and Markirovka. IT Partners such as SEA Vision has been capable to guarantee the highest reliability and exclude any risk linked to errors: this is why today SEA Vision has been fully recognized by CRPT as a member in the list of accredited companies in Russia.

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SEA Vision is official partner of CRPT
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