Serialization and Aggregation in UAE: What’s New

On December 2022, the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) of UAE officially launched the national drug tracking platform Tatmeen: a state-of-the-art digital platform to track and trace pharmaceutical products, promoting trust and transparency in the healthcare industry.

Tatmeen platform is an advanced pharmaceutical safety solution that enhances control over all medicines in the country enabling the tracking of drug products throughout their journey in the supply chain by connecting federal and local authorities, factories, distributors, pharmacies, and consumers in a seamless electronic network.

Each pharmaceutical product is tracked thanks to a unique GS1 standard serialized 2D data matrix applied on each secondary packaging. The use of GS1 standard makes it possible to assign a globally recognized unique identifier to a drug product and enables efficient information sharing between trusted and authentic sources.

How Serialization Works in UAE

In order to fully achieve the project objectives, Tatmeen has placed some mandatory requirements on all drugs manufacturers.

All secondary packaging sold, imported, produced and supplied to the UAE must now be serialized. Cartons-to-case and cases-to-pallet aggregation are mandatory. The manufacturers are responsible for the aggregation at all applicable packaging levels, to ensure easy downstream reporting thanks to a hierarchical, parent-child relationship between a containing object (i.e., parent) and one or more objects (i.e., children) that are contained in it.


These are the milestones of the project that already took effect in 2022 for every pharmaceutical company that sells, imports, produces and supplies pharmaceutical products in UAE.

1 January 2022: 

  • Pharmaceutical registration at Tatmeen, providing GTIN, Expiry date, Batch number, Serial number.
  • DataMatrix must be present on every pharmaceutical products.

13 December 2022:

  • Deadline for registration with a GS1 Global Location Number (GLN) of all sites that are licensed to dispense medicines in the UAE.
  • Aggregation mandatory with GS1-128 barcodes and SSCCs.
  • Serial number reporting in Tatmeen is mandatory.

How SEA Vision can help you

SEA Vision is a reliable serialization partner that offers a complete Track and Trace solution covering all the needs of a complete serialization and aggregation process:

  • Provisioning of serial numbers from a Level 4 software (SEA Vision or not SEA Vision), or alternatively, serial numbers can be autogenerated by SEA Vision Level 3 solution.
  • Print and check of 2D DataMatrix, GS1-128 barcode and Human Readable Data required on the packages.
  • Posting of the Commissioned, Aggregated, Decommissioned and Shipped serial numbers in two ways:
    • A .xml file can be created by SEA Vision L3 and sent to a L4 via a shared folder.
    • Posted directly onto Tatmeen via Web Service from SEA Vision L4.

Visit the serialization business unit page to discover more about SEA Vision end-to-end serialization solution.

There is more to know

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Serialization and Aggregation in UAE